150 Facebook Page campaign case studies

This is a really useful list published by Wise Metrics that contains case studies on 150 different Facebook engagement campaigns. The list can be filtered by industry, brand, campaign, date and source. There’s plenty of clothing and fashion case studies listed so go forth and inform your social media efforts.

Should your Facebook campaign be on this list? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

Industry Brand Campaign Date Link to case study
Appliances Margaritaville Cargo Video Contest 10/26/2011 AllFacebook
Automotive Toyota Recall announcement 06/04/2010 Maddy Coon
Automotive Volkswagen Vanishing car 11/18/2011 Simply Zesty
Automotive Volkswagen Fanwagen 11/02/2011 Simply Zesty
Automotive Toyota Prius V Toys for Tots 12/19/2011 AllFacebook
Automotive Toyota Social Network Racer 10/20/2011 AllFacebook
Automotive Renault Renault México 03/06/2012 eMarketer
Automotive Nissan New Star in India 04/03/2012 eConsultancy
Automotive Citroën C1 Crowdsource 04/05/2012 eConsultancy
Automotive Volkswagen Flipbook 04/25/2012 SimplyZesty
B2B Cisco Router Launch 08/30/2010 Socia Media Examiner
B2B Ideapaint Strategy 10/21/2011 eConsultancy
B2B Steelmaster Build. Strategy 10/21/2011 eConsultancy
B2B Shipserv Software Strategy 06/20/2011 Grow
B2B Schedulicity SAAS 02/16/2012 BtoBOnline
Bank & Finance Citibank Thank you point 01/03/2012 eConsultancy
Bank & Finance Chase Bank Community Giving 06/04/2010 Maddy Coon
Bank & Finance CitiBank Reward Points 01/03/2012 The Next Web
Bank & Finance American Express I will volunteer 08/23/2011 The Next Web
Bank & Finance Visa Memory Mapper 06/21/2011 The Next Web
Bank & Finance American Express The Gift Chain 11/28/2011 AllFacebook
Bank & Finance American Express Small Business Sat 11/22/2011 AllFacebook
Bank & Finance American Express Facebook Big Break 04/25/2011 Small Business Trends
Clothing Nasty Gals Epic Holiday 12/19/2011 InsideFacebook
Clothing Diesel QR Codes 12/09/2011 eConsultancy
Clothing Levi’s Water Tank 12/09/2011 eConsultancy
Drinks & Beverage Heineken Beertend Gift 12/12/2011 SimplyZesty
Drinks & Beverage Ultimat Vodka Social Life Audit 12/19/2011 All Facebook
Drinks & Beverage Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange 12/09/2011 eConsultancy
Drinks & Beverage Coca-Cola Strategy 12/21/2011 Ragan
Drinks & Beverage Corona Most liked 07/22/2011 The Next Web
Drinks & Beverage Prigat The Squeezing Smiles Machine 07/22/2011 The Next Web
Drinks & Beverage Coca-Cola The recycling king 06/21/2011 The Next Web
Drinks & Beverage Coca-Cola Song for charity 18/03/2011 The Next Web
Drinks & Beverage Schweppes Profile app 01/03/2011 The Next Web
Drinks & Beverage Norte Anti-Tagging 12/02/2011 Simply Zesty
Drinks & Beverage Budweiser Strategy 12/27/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Jim Beam Strategy 12/27/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Maker’s Mark Strategy 12/27/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Johnnie Walker Keep walking 12/27/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Absolut Strategy 12/27/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Evan Williams Strategy 12/27/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Sailor Jerry Strategy 12/27/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Bud Light Super bowl contest 12/22/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Hatuey Beer Strategy 12/20/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Mountain Dew Timeline cover image 12/15/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Grand Marnier Grand Giving Tree 12/01/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Pepsi SavingStar Promo 11/03/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Street King Donation 10/20/2011 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Heineken One like=One Balloon 01/18/2011 SimplyZesty
Drinks & Beverage Pepsi Pepsi Next 04/03/2012 AllFacebook
Drinks & Beverage Coca-Cola Spotify Partnership 04/18/2012 Variety
Energy Opower Social Energy App 10/17/2011 The Next Web
Entertainment Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary 01/06/2012 Tigerlily
Entertainment Warner Bros F-Commerce 03/08/2011 The Next Web
Entertainment Moviefone Graph Integration 07/05/2011 BarnRaisers
Entertainment Sporting News Graph Integration 07/05/2011 BarnRaisers
Entertainment Discovery Com No “like-gating” 02/15/2011 ClickZ
Entertainment Flair Fashiontag 07/22/2011 The Next Web
Entertainment Paramount Pictures Watch every m:i 11/22/2011 The Next Web
Entertainment Showtime Dexter Slice of Life 10/10/2011 The Next Web
Entertainment Miramax eXperience 08/22/2011 The Next Web
Entertainment X-Factor Facebook voting 02/23/2011 The Next Web
Entertainment Universal Pictures Heist it back 12/13/2011 AllFacebook
Entertainment Sony Pictures The Mighty Macs 10/31/2011 AllFacebook
Entertainment Lionsgate Abduction rental 01/17/2011 eConsultancy
Entertainment Marley Movie Streaming 04/12/2012 TheNextWeb
Entertainment Hunger Games Timeline Case Study 05/01/2012 eConsultancy
Fashion Victoria’s Secret F-Commerce 12/14/2011 Jeff Bullas
Fashion Threadless F-Commerce 12/14/2011 Jeff Bullas
Fashion HauteLook F-Commerce 12/14/2011 Jeff Bullas
Fashion Lacoste F-Commerce 12/14/2011 Jeff Bullas
Fashion Theory F-Commerce 12/14/2011 Jeff Bullas
Fashion Levi’s Friends Store 06/16/2010 Resource Interactive
Fashion Uniqlo Uniqlooks 02/22/2011 The Next Web
Fashion All industry Infographic 11/17/2011 AllFacebook
Fashion Stüssy Strip for likes 04/11/2012 eConsultancy
Food Dunkin’ Donuts Create your own 02/08/2010 Mashable
Food Frito Lay’s What’s your flavor 07/26/2010 Digital Vidya
Food Ronzoni Favorite Pasta 06/21/2011 The Next Web
Food Miracle Whip Love or Hate ? 30/05/2011 The Next Web
Food Lacta Virtual Chocolate Bar 01/25/2011 The Next Web
Food Oreo 100th birthday 01/04/2012 AllFacebook
Food Sheets LeBron Ads Contest 12/13/2011 AllFacebook
Food Heinz Get well 02/07/2012 eMarketer
Food Cadbury Ultimate Wispa Fan 02/06/2012 eConsultancy
Food Anthon Berg Spirit of generosity 03/30/2012 Mindjumpers
Food Kraft Likeappela 04/27/2012 AdWeek
Furniture Ikea Bring your own friends 12/19/2011 AllFacebook
Furniture Ikea Photo Tagging 06/16/2010 Resource Interactive
Hygiene Axe Anarchy 01/10/2012 eConsultancy
Hygiene Colgate Wisp 07/26/2010 Digital Vidya
Hygiene Olla Unborn Baby 12/01/2011 AllFacebook
Hygiene Pampers Sleep WebTV 02/29/2012 eConsultancy
Insurance Allstate Football Challenge 12/20/2011 AllFacebook
Luxury Burberry Art of the Trench 06/16/2010 Resource Interactive
Luxury Fendi X-Rated serie 03/27/2012 Luxury Daily
Luxury Alfred Dunhill Trafalgar 03/13/2012 AllFacebook
Media BBC Worldwide Top Gear 08/23/2011 The Next Web
Media VH1 Strategy 11/28/2011 AllFacebook
Media Fox House of Fanitude 11/17/2011 AllFacebook
Media CNBC GOP Debate 11/09/2011 AllFacebook
Media CBS Sports March Madness 03/09/2012 AllFacebook
Restaurant Tap House Grill What’s on tap 07/22/2011 The Next Web/4/
Retail QVC Strategy 12/09/2011 InformationWeek
Retail Best Buy Strategy 12/09/2011 InformationWeek
Retail Target Strategy 12/09/2011 InformationWeek
Retail Walmart Strategy 12/09/2011 InformationWeek
Retail The Home Depot Strategy 12/09/2011 InformationWeek
Retail Walmart ROI 08/07/2011 BarnRaisers
Retail Best Buy Strategy 07/05/2011 BarnRaisers
Retail Shoe Dazzle Graph Integration 07/05/2011 BarnRaisers
Retail Best Buy Vampires promo 06/04/2010 Maddy Coon
Retail 1-800 Flowers.com Flowers from Fbk 07/22/2011 The Next Web
Retail Nordstrom Nordstrom Santa 11/25/2011 The Next Web
Retail ASOS F-Commerce 01/26/2011 The Next Web
Retail Lord & Taylor Holiday Window 12/24/2010 The Next Web
Retail Walmart Shopycat 12/01/2011 Simply Zesty
Retail Walmart Strategy 10/11/2011 Simply Zesty
Retail TigerDirect Wanted Elf 12/21/2011 AllFacebook
Retail Fab.com Cybermonday Sales 11/30/2011 AllFacebook
Retail Walmart Holiday Giving 11/23/2011 AllFacebook
Retail Virgin First Time 11/14/2011 AllFacebook
Retail BJ Feeding America 11/02/2011 AllFacebook
Retail Lowe’s Pinterest integration 03/13/2012 Mindjumpers
Services Deutsche Post DHL Social memories 07/22/2011 The Next Web
SMB Dental Practice Strategy 08/30/2010 Marketing Huddle
SMB California Wine Club Strategy 11/04/2011 AllFacebook
SMB The Vermont C Store Strategy 11/04/2011 AllFacebook
Software Microsoft Windows 7 launch 02/22/2010 SlideShare
Software Turbo Tax Gaming for good 11/18/2011 The Next Web
Software Intuit F-Commerce 12/05/2011 AllFacebook
Sporting goods Nike Paint your city 06/18/2011 The Next Web
Sports NFL Stars 12/12/2011 Mashable
Sports NBA Facebook Townhall 12/21/2011 AllFacebook
Technology HTC Coupons 12/19/2011 Tigerlily
Technology Sony Ericsson Xperiments 06/11/2011 DigitalBuzz Blog
Telecom U-Mobile Credits 06/28/2011 The Next Web
Telecom Telstra Blurtl 31/05/2011 The Next Web
Tourism Visit Nicaragua Sweepstakes 04/10/2012 AllFacebook
Tourism TripAdvisor Friend of a Friend 04/11/2012 TheNextWeb
Transport KLM Meet & Seat 12/15/2011 TechCrunch
Transport SL Our proudest bus ever 10/18/2011 Simply Zesty
Transport UPS Strategy 10/21/2011 eConsultancy
Transport Zipcar Reservation app 10/18/2011 AllFacebook
Transport Hertz Group Coupon 04/18/2012 AllFacebook
Transport Air China Check-Ins 01/27/2012 Mindjumpers
Travel Trip Advisor Graph Integration 07/05/2011 BarnRaisers
Travel Contiki Holidays Get on the bus 07/22/2011 The Next Web
Travel Expedia FriendTrips 06/23/2011 The Next Web

Source: http://wisemetrics.com/blog/the-big-list-150-facebook-pages-case-studies/

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  1. Rob Petersen says:

    This is a great list I will keep around for reference and probably at many times. Thanks for compiling and thanks for including a few of mine. Appreciate it ant thanks again.